Human Rights webinars

The University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus campus (UCLan Cyprus) has launched a Jean Monnet Module entitled “European Union Law and Governance in Populist Times” which runs at UCLan Cyprus 2019-2022 (#EU-POP). The activities of the Module are designed to promote excellence in teaching and research and to foster dialogue between individuals with the aim of enhancing governance of EU policies. For that reason, UCLan Cyprus conducted a series of activities on Human Rights during challenging times. Undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic brought the Rule of Law at its edge. The emergency measures taken by governments instigated multiple discussions among lawyers, academics and professionals alike. A key question related to the sustainability of human rights in times of public health disaster. How governments should react to a pandemic, ensuring the protection of public health, on the one hand, while simultaneously maintaining the protection of our rights and freedoms as individuals, on the other.

Between 5 and 8 May 2020 and within the framework of a Human Rights Webinar Series, EU-POP organised online lectures open to the public entitled respectively ‘What are Human Rights’, ‘The Right to Health’, and ‘Hate Speech, Fake News and Misinformation online’. The webinars were attended by multiple stakeholders and materials were published widely. This was a significant educational experience encompassing Human Rights during challenging times, provided by EU-POP.

Hate Speech, Misinformation and the Law
The right to health, 
What are human rights?