The summer school will take place in the framework of the Jean Monnet Module ‘European Union Law and Governance in Populist Times.’ The Summer School will look at the role of the judiciary in populist times. Perspectives of theory, law and political science. Those who participate in the Summer School will gain a good understanding of the definitional, theoretical and contextual frameworks of populism and the role of the judiciary in tackling effects of right-wing populism as these are witnessed today in Europe, including deterioration of the rule of law, discriminatory policies and hate speech. The Summer School will also include sessions on the socio-legal and political significance of protecting social and economic rights in times of crisis, the link between financial and social crises and the rise of both right- and left-wing populism in Europe in the current era.

The brochure contains further information about the summer school including a timetable, and details about the sessions and speakers.

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